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In lieu of retirement communities or assisted living, more and more seniors are moving in with their children.  It makes sense for a lot of reasons:  being close to family, cost savings, much easier to care for and less need to worry about aging parents. 

There are some key elements to keep in mind if you are making the leap of creating an in-law suite to insure that you provide privacy and comfort while also keeping them connected.  This will require some balance and creativity to manage organization, convenience and the interior design aspect.   Here are things to remember.

Separate but Together-  In order to feel private the in-law suite will need to feel private by having some separation from the rest of the home .  But you don’t want them to feel like you’ve created the Great Wall of China to keep them away.  If you have a basement or garage that can be converted that is optimal.  If you are actually adding an addition, it is a good idea to create their own private entrance that allows them to come and go without having to access the rest of the home.

The family that eats together stays together  – unless the in-laws start to feel like the hired help, cooking and cleaning up after the family on a regular basis. Adding a kitchen or even a smaller kitchenette with a small sink, refrigerator, small counter and stove is a great idea.  This gives the family options- they can eat with you or choose to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in their own space.  Togetherness is important but can become too much of a good thing without the option to enjoy your own solitude from time to time.

GO in Peace –  a private bathroom is essential.  Having their own bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower or tub/shower combo will help contribute to their sense of privacy and being in their own home. 

Retreat… to your private retreat – Include space to unwind and relax in your in-law suite.  Making them truly feel at home will make the experience better for them and you.  You don’t need to have a lot of extra space, just a nice sitting area that isn’t their bedroom with comfy chairs, a TV and small table.

Small laundry closet–  you don’t have to add a fully laundry room but if you have space simply include a laundry closet with a compact stacked washer & dryer.  This takes up minimal space but makes life easier for everyone – not only will this give the in-laws their own laundry space, but you’ll have less laundry on your plate too!

The bottom line is this – make the in-laws feel at home.  



Your deck should be an expansion of your living space- not just an empty porch that is rarely used.  Before you decide to update your new deck it’s important to consider the uses it will serve – will you use it for outdoor dining?  A cocktail party on a breezy summer evening?  Or just your own private refuge for rest and relaxation?  You also want to maximize your backyard view from the deck especially if you’re lucky enough to have a direct line of sight to the local mountains or Smith Mountain Lake.   

The railing options are endless.  You can get great vinyl rails that will be low maintenance and give you a clean look.  You can do custom decorative wrought iron balusters, composite balusters… and the railings can be standard curved, flat cocktail rail or even an iron custom rail. Take a risk and make a statement or keep it standard and still look great.

We all love the natural look of a wood deck but who wants to pressure wash, paint, stain, or seal it every spring?  Upkeep can be exhausting.   If this is you- consider composite products like TREX.  These high-performance products withstand years and years of sun and weather while maintaining their color (and did we mention the color choices are extensive).  And if you’re eco-minded, you’ll love the TREX commitment to never cutting a single tree for use in their product.

front deck

To give your space a completely finished look go ahead and finish the underside of the deck.  Not only does this give you even more ‘dry’ space for outdoor living but it also looks fabulous.  You’ll have another cozy spot to add some rocking chairs and watch the sunset.

front porch

If you’ve got that cherished spot on Smith Mountain Lake and don’t want to miss an inch of that view-  add glass rails!  They look modern and sophisticated while also opening up that view from top to bottom. 

wood deck

When updating a deck with new railings – why not light up the night?  This is a simple way to light walkways for safety at night- especially if you have a walkway leading to a garage or dock.   But aside from the safety- they look amazing!

lit staircase

If you’re not sure where to start- call a Class A General Contractor that can build your deck according to local building codes but also give it that wow-factor you’re looking for!






Ready to turn your basement inside out and make it a functional living space?   Finished basements have become more popular over the past few decades. No longer are basements viewed as dark caves where mechanical systems clank away and spiders abound. Instead, they offer additional space and can increase the value of your home – as long as you keep a few simple things in mind. It’s a great way to make way for aging parents that need you close but still need their own space, a man-cave for the hubby, or a nice tucked-away space for boomerang college grads until they get their feet underneath them. 

Basement Renovations

Bedroom addition –Incorporating a bedroom in the basement is a great way to make room for guest and create extra storage space. So that means making sure there’s a legal egress in case of fire – typically a window with an opening big enough to allow escape, as well as a window well deep enough to facilitate that hasty exit. And yes, you’ll need permits.

Wall insulation-A basement’s outside walls often aren’t well insulated, so you may have to fur out the concrete walls by framing a narrow wall inside which can be insulated with spray foam, rigid insulation or traditional batts. You’ll spend a few extra dollars but it will pay off in the long run.  Depending on how your heating and cooling was designed originally- you may need to have your contractor analyze the HVAC needs as well.

Floor solution-The days of damp floors and cold feet are over. As long as you don’t have any current water issues in your basement floor there are great products  currently available such as LVP/LVT (Luxury Vinyl Plank or Luxury Vinyl Tile) and ceramic tile. If you want the hardwood flooring look you can go with one of these options without worry about water or damage- especially if you live on the lake and have heavy lake traffic into your basement areas.


Bathroom addition-Building a bathroom in the basement will add value to your home, as long as it’s well planned. The good news is most new homes have bathroom rough-ins already installed. Have you ever wondered what those random capped pipes are that stick out from the concrete? Now you know! If yours doesn’t, a plumber will need to open up a channel from the bathroom area all the way to the main stack or sewer line which can add cost but is certainly feasible when adding an additional bathroom.

If your basement is ready for a facelift- contact F&S Building today. With our Interior Designer we can walk you through creating your perfect space!

Ever come home and think ‘ this place needs an update’?   If so- you are among about 1 million other people who spend all day working in vibrant new offices but come home to neutral, plain-jane surroundings. 

Take a risk- don’t be afraid to put in color and excitement.  You don’t necessarily have to dive into the deep end of the pool but you can at least stick your toe in the shallow end.  

On your next trip out grab some new colorful pillows.  Add a bright new rug.  Hang a piece of art that is just a little edgy.  Be bold!

When making a significant investment in transforming your perfect-home-in-the-perfect-location by making it your own, keep these design tips in mind.

Open up.  You can almost never go wrong by opening up your living space.  When you have an open floor plan that easily flows from one area to another you increase function but also bring friends and family together.  It is possible that we are so self-sufficient and isolated with everything at our fingertips by cell phone, we lose the beauty of togetherness.   By opening up your space, you may just open up the lines of communication and encourage some good ‘ole fashion quality time with the ones you love.

Color your world.  Color- whether bold or subtle- reflects the mood of a space.  Bold colors can be exciting and stimulating, especially when introduced in unpredictable ways.  Common ways of splashing a space with color are through bright throw pillows, plush rugs or bold window dressings. More courageous ways of ensuring your guests enter your world with Oohs-and-Ahhs may be painting an entire wall a vibrant shade of fuchsia.  Or, perhaps, dramatizing your room with a complete white or neutral palette with a single vivacious focal point.  Whether we’re talking about your house or, more aptly, your home- don’t ever settle for run of the mill. Add your own dash of color to everything and everyone you come into contact with.

Light it up.  Have you ever walked into a dark room and just felt downright depressed?  Light plays a significant role in our lives.  It’s important to take this into account when considering a design.  You can really add drama with a you-can’t-miss-me chandelier in a main entry.  You can also make the heart of your home- your kitchen- cozy, warm and inviting for your family to sit down and stay a while by adding under cabinet lighting for late night snacks and pendant lighting over bar or counter areas for task lighting.  Don’t be afraid to consider lighting not only as a basic need but as a design element.  The same is key in our lives- be known for lighting up any room you walk in to!

Out is the new In.  There are many ways to love and appreciate the outdoors without actually having to leave your home.  Incorporating live plants and other natural elements like wood accents bring a little bit of the outside in.  If you’re really adventurous, add a four-season sunroom or patio room that lets the sunshine in each day without having to worry about weather or pests.  You can also incorporate outdoor living spaces by adding an outdoor kitchen, a firepit, or, perhaps, a vintage swing on your front porch. As a child, coloring outside the lines was erroneous- as an adult, being on the inside may not always let you experience the freedom of branching out.

Don’t blend in.  A key component in any design is to give a room a focal point- whether it is beautifully farmed artwork, an ornate piece of furniture or a large picture window.  It’s okay to experiment and do something out of the ordinary.  Don’t let HGTV dictate your style- create your own!  Dr. Seuss may have said it best when he said ‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out’.

They bottom line is- make it your own.  If you’re unsure of where to start- find a local Class A Contractor with a Certified Interior Designer on staff that can walk you through the process from start to finish.  They can help you plan, as well as, produce your finished product so that you are completely in love with your home.

Summer is typically when most folks start thinking about home renovations. Qualified Class A contractors are actually capable of any type of remodeling year round- barring weather delays for outside work. So why not start planning your next project now?  Here are a few projects to consider during the winter months – they aren’t all glamorous but they are going to increase the value of your home and give you a great return on your investment.

Garage to kitchen conversion  One of the easiest ways to get the kitchen of your dreams with space for the family to spread out while staying together is to convert a garage to a functional kitchen. Many older homes tend to have small galley or u-shaped kitchens that can be cramped or dysfunctional for medium to larger families.  The kitchen is the heart of the home so if you have a garage that is filled with ‘stuff’ instead of cars – maybe a new kitchen is in order.

 Flooring- especially hardwood  Winter is a great time for installing hardwood products as they have to be installed in properly conditioned settings to avoid issues. The drier winter air and decreased humidity means there is less of a chance for water damage and also helps to prevent gaps in the newly laid flooring.

Weatherization When the cold winter temperatures begin to show themselves and the electric bill starts to rise- that’s when the importance of proper insulation tends to become a priority. You can have your home evaluated to determine where most of your energy is lost- then determine what the best type of insulation would be for that area.  From batt to sprayed-in foam to blown-in cellulose – all the different types of insulation have benefits.  If you feel drafts in your home that is a clear indication that you may need new, better, or additional insulation.  If you own an older home you may also need to consider upgrading to energy efficient doors and windows. Energy loss through windows and doors can be significant so an update may save you money on electric bills every month.  Talk about a return on investment!

Basement remodel  An unfinished basement can be a very cost effective way to add additional & functional living space to your home without having to spread out which is sometimes impossible due to lot size or zoning regulations. Basement remodels are indoor work which means weather will not affect it for the most part. If you have aging parents or recently graduated children briefly returning to the nest, a mini-apartment in the basement keeps them near without sacrificing their or YOUR independence.

If you’re not sure the best route to go then seek a qualified Class A Contractor that can provide the service in addition to certified interior design services.

What is the first thing you see when you walk into a room?  Colors?  Furniture?  Lighting?  Accessories are typically the key to good interior design.   Often they are the first thing someone’s eye focuses on when they walk in to the room- a focal point.

Where architects primarily design for form and function, Interior decorating can be just as vital in the overall flow, functionality and pleasing features of the space. Interior designers create spaces with signature features and finishing touches that are vital – the proverbial icing on the cake.  It’s the expertise in all the small things in interior design that culminate in a finished space that is pleasing to the eyes and the soul. There are a few things to consider when decorating a space:

STYLE –  The first step is to select a style for the new or re-invented space.  If you are updating multiple spaces you will want to promote the design principle of unity and harmony by thinking of all the spaces in a unifying theme.  It could be as simple as choosing a casual feel instead of formal or contemporary- or you can refine it to specific styles such as Victorian, Modern Vintage, French country, or Shabby Chic. 

COLOR – Choosing a color palette is an essential part.  You can absolutely have a different style and color scheme in each room you but will still want to tie it all together in a complementary way.  Also consider the size of the room when choosing colors.  Dark, heavy colors will make a small room feel even smaller – which may be your goal if you are seeking an intimate, cozy den for instance. 

BALANCE – You want to distribute the visual weight in a room whether that is symmetrically or with asymmetrical balance.  Maintaining a focal point –such as a fireplace or beautiful piece of art- creates visual interest in a room. Incorporate contrast and variety while repeating elements of the same color, texture or pattern. 

PATTERNS – Mixing patterns is one of the more advanced parts of interior decorating that can be a little tricky.  Although patterns don’t need to necessarily match they do need to coordinate with or complement each other.  You’ll want to consider the color , scale and size or the pattern when trying to mix and match them.

FURNISHINGS – Although furnishings are a key element of decorating, they also tend to be the largest investment and a very large part of the budget.  Since most of us do not have an unlimited budget and need to be frugal when updating a room, start with the pieces you have and evaluate them.  Is there one piece that stands out that you could make more prominent in your design?  Is there a piece that could be painted or re-purposed to incorporate it into your updated look?  Sometimes the answer is simply eliminating some furniture.  Too much can make the room feel cramped and crowded.


The most important thing is to have fun and make the space uniquely yours.  Decorating shouldn’t be a chore.  Take your time and enjoy the process.  And if you get stumped, call a Certified Interior Decorator (C.I.D.) to help!

Think you’ve run out of time to get your outdoor living space done this year? It’s not too late – in fact, it’s actually a great time to turn your attention to your deck or patio in preparation for next spring. So while you add on the layers and begin your winter hibernation process- here are five great reasons to start your new outdoor space now.

WEATHER The weather could be your friend- almost all contractors are working at full capacity and, often times, longer lead times in the summer. This means as summer winds down quality contractors may be more readily available. As it starts to cool off lead times may decrease and you will also have less days that are interrupted by rain, wind, or severe weather.

MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR TIME You are more likely to utilize your deck in the spring & summer. Don’t wait until spring to start the process. Any type of construction project has stages: planning, pricing, and production. If you wait until the weather warms to start planning you may miss out on some prime time to enjoy your new deck or outdoor entertaining space. By getting your outdoor space completed in the fall and winter, you are ready and waiting for spring when the temps start to rise!

PROTECTING YOUR LANDSCAPE There are always things to think about when planning a construction project. Access to the site is a key consideration. If material deliveries require access through your yard, summer weather can contribute to dry grass or overly wet areas if there has been significant rain fall which could mean potential damage to your yard. In the fall or winter there is much less likelihood of damaging grass or plants and blooming flowers which have passed their peak.

EXTENSION OF LIVING SPACE If you’re like most of us you decorate for Spring, add some color for summer, break out the autumn leaf toned décor in fall and overload on Christmas deco in December. If we’re honest though, including entertaining space outdoors just enhances our ability to spend time with friends and family while enjoying the beauty of the seasons. Rundown decks with splinters, bugs and maintenance shouldn’t deter you from loving your outdoor space. Incorporate a screen room, composite deck design, or even a sunroom to ‘wow’ your friends!

UNENDING OPTIONS With more time indoors to browse the internet and read a magazine it’s the perfect time to really determine what your dream deck or patio would look like. You can keep it open with a gorgeous pergola, add screens for pest protection, upgrade to a composite low maintenance product that will make your neighbors oh-so-jealous…or keep it simple with a new custom wood deck. Take advantage of this time to get it just right.
So while you’re cruising through November with your thoughts toward thankfulness and breezing through December celebrating Christmas with those you love – do some advance planning to leap into spring with a fabulous new outdoor living space.

So who really wants to admit to AGING anyway? There are many things that just get better with age- fine wine, art, long-time friends, or a good pair of leather boots. For some reason we tend to embrace the value of age in those cases but when it comes to US actually aging – no way.  It’s the same with the current renovation industry’s Aging-in-Place design.  Although the premise of this is a fantastic offering- the terminology sometimes turns us off.

Maybe an easier form of design to embrace is Universal design which comprehensively designs for all ages and physical abilities.  Although Universal design encompasses all ages, especially if you are purchasing or renovating the home where you plan to retire and enjoy your golden years- there are a few key design aspects to highly consider:

Entry- Are there a lot of steps leading to your main entry or is there a gradual incline or a possible ramp?  You will also want to consider if there is a covered entryway or porch which lends protection from the elements during inclement weather.  Whether you are recovering from a surgery or a new other with a huge stroller and a gazillion bags to get into the house- easy entry is a bonus.

Master Bath- The main bathroom is a key element for consideration as this will be a necessary area of use.  You will want to consider if the existing shower is curbless or can be modified to add safety grab bars and a bench for easy accessibility and mobility. You may want to think about comfort height toilet seats (17 inches vs. 15 inches) and lowered sink counters if there was ever a need for wheel chair use.  Bathroom designs are extremely important to our ease of life regardless of age.

Kitchen-  Another key area to closely consider is the kitchen- the heart of the home. Having roll-out shelving in pantries and cabinets is a huge help. You may want to update the cabinet hardware to make it easier to grip as well as incorporate soft-close drawers for safety. If you are updating your kitchen, designing it with a built-in over at counter top height and a built-in microwave in lower cabinetry can be a huge help. Families with small children will greatly benefit from the easy grip handles and soft-close drawers- small hands like to explore and slamming drawers can certainly be a safety issue.

General Layout- Single level living is key when you can’t get around as quickly or easily as you once did.  It’s also a fantastic option for families who need to be together and keep an eye on little ones.  Another thing to take into account are hallways and pathways-  having approximately 48” in width to accommodate easy mobility is helpful. Incorporate 36” interior doorways and update door knobs with levered handles which are much easier to open.  Whether the beloved hands in your home are suffering from arthritic pain or reaching on tip toe to open the door- levers are a good option.

If you need help, find a registered C.I.D.Professional that is also a certified Aging-In-Place and Universal Design Specialist.  At the end of the day- the goal is to have a home that is perfectly designed for you.

There are a multitude of reasons that homeowners decide to renovate.  Whether you are considering selling your home and an update would help or you simply want to better enjoy your home- any remodel is a big consideration that needs careful attention and the right contracting team.

Return on investment should always be considered- especially if you are planning to sell within the next 5 years.  If you are not planning to sell within 5 years, the return on investment is less of a concern and you can focus more on exactly what you want to achieve with the remodel.

One of the best investments you can make in your home is an updated kitchen.  After all, the kitchen is the heart of your home so ambiance and function are really important.  If you aren’t prepared to completely overhaul your kitchen there are many smaller, less invasive updates you can do that won’t break the bank such as adding a new backsplash or counter top, upgrading to stainless steel appliances, or even painting your existing cabinets.  

One of the smartest renovation trends for 2017 that is not very glorious but oh-so-worth-it, is making your home sustainable.  Installing or replacing insulation in your home can give you an ROI of 107% according to Remodeling’s 2017 Cost vs. Value Report.   This is the gift that will just keep giving as your monthly energy bills are reduced month after month.

You cannot turn on the TV without seeing the latest and greatest outdoor oasis that has been created in a seemingly modest back yard.  The beauty of outdoor living is that you don’t need a huge amount of space- just the right team to help you utilize it properly.   Outdoor living can be designed to incorporate decks, patios, landscaping, pavers….the possibilities are endless if you have the vision and the right contracting team to help you accomplish it.  With all the media hype, home-buyers are often searching for homes that have that little something extra- outdoor living is a great way to snag them.

Generational changes are driving the need for renovations when families expand from core.  Baby Boomers are starting to see that they may need to move aging parents into their homes at the same time their recent college grads are returning home.  Renovating a basement or garage might be a simple way to achieve this. Depending on the size and location of your home, a mini-apartment will most likely yield a good ROI but if overdone for the neighborhood, then you may not recoup as much as you’d like. 

If you are considering a renovation project, search for a contractor that specializes in additions or remodeling.  If you are planning to move in the next few years, you may need to weigh your return on investment more heavily than if you are making changes that you will enjoy for the next 10-15 years.  To help stream-line the process find a reputable contracting team that can help you through the project from start to finish- interior design, planning, construction and even final interior decorating by a Certified Interior Decorating (C.I.D.) professional.

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